Samsung versus Apple

30 Sep

Hello! My name is Michael, and this is my first blog post on this site. I am writing this, because the other day, we had a huge debate in the classroom, which is the best iPhone or Android, and this discussion always start, because we cannot connect the MacBook’s to the monitor.

I am specializing in empowering people success. I think the easiest way to do that, is to listening and then create win-win-situations.


Everybody is spending so much time on their smartphones, that it is a natural debate, which one is best? The discussion is often heated up a little, because who doesn't wanna win? Well, this is a very subjective debate, so of course, you think that you are right. 

If we look at the reviews from a page I just found, where they compare smartphones:

All the smartphones on the top 10 list will probably satisfy your needs, and most of the specs are just nice to have. I think iPhones and Samsung are the two best brands when it comes to smartphones, but Huawei is really a good brand when it comes to value for money, and I always been a fan of the cameras in Sony.

  1. Samsung 

  2. iPhone 

  3. Huawei 

  4. Sony 

This is my personal ranking. SmartphonesRevealed says, that there are more than 300 different mobile phones and smartphones on the market, and there is a huge difference in these. I have tried all four on the list, and I used to be a huge Apple fan, and I still am actually. Now, I just prefer Samsung Galaxy, but Apple and iPhone customers are normally the most loyal customers. 

So, the big question in the classroom, and also in my other social contexts:Which is best - iPhone or Android? Well, first of all, Android is not a phone but an operating system and iPhone is a line of different smartphones, so there is no correct answer to this question. 

I live to create win/win situations, and in this case, it is easy. If you have one of the phones, you should be happy. Both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy is great phones, and the specs and apps are getting so good, that they can fulfill many needs, we never thought a phone could give us.

This was a very vague conclusion, and I am sorry for this. If you want to compare your smartphone 1vs1 and see reviews, and which specifications there are best on a certain phone, this is also possible. On the website from SmartphonesRevealed, there is also a very good comparison tool, where they show you the different qualities, functions, and prices on each phone. 

I hope you are satisfied with the answer now. Otherwise, you will probably never be. Thank you for reading this, and good luck finding your next smartphone, and have a lovely day.

Stay tuned for my next win-win-situation.

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